About Anhelo

Anhelo (Ahn-eh-loh) meaning 'desire' has great significance to chef Ivan Jacobo. He believes dinners are not just about consuming food, rather bringing people to one cohesive place. Chef Jacobo desires to provide more than just sustenance at the restaurant. He is cultivating an experience tailor made for the diners. Food is only the vessel, the conduit to bringing people together to create instant nostalgia and fond memories one bite at a time. Formally known for his pop-up dinners under the name of Hidden Kitchen, chef Ivan Jacobo has grown this concept into a full-fledge brick and mortar restaurant. Join us at the historic Silva house in Heritage Square for an intimate meal bound to spark conversation, great enjoyment, and ultimate gratification. Our menu is comprised of locally sourced "When Possible", seasonal ingredients brought together to create dishes meant to be shared with friends old and new. Our wine and beer list have been handcrafted to complement our: menu, the setting, and your dining experience. 


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